Doomed Dungeon


An animated dungeon RPG


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Doomed Dungeon is a first person RPG in which your mission is a simple one: kill the enemies to open the gate leading to the next level, and repeat.

The game is played out in the first person like most titles in the 'dungeon crawler' genre. From this view, you will come face to face with lots of enemies like spiders, skeletons and goblins, all of which you must kill using different weapons and spells.

One button controls the weapon in your right hand, and another lets you cast magic. You always have to keep a close eye on your health bar and mana, because if these are running out, you have to drink some of the potions your enemies release when they die.

The most striking aspect of the game, gameplay aside, is its fun graphics. The cartoon aesthetic goes perfectly with the gameplay, replacing the traditional violence of these games with a friendlier more approachable feel.

Doomed Dungeon is a very light and entertaining RPG, which rather than having a deep and complicated system, offers the player a fun and pure experience they can dive right into and start enjoying straight away.
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